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Contract From The American People

Joe From Texas: Contract From the American People This Contract from the American People is a work in progress draft.  We have already received feedback from many of you, and [...]
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Joe From Texas Take 1/31/24

I was seven years old in 1957 when my Daddy had a severe stroke. He died seven years later. My family was in such dire financial straits I cut the [...]
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Joe From Texas Take 11/23/23

Friends, I spent the recent weeks traveling the country from coast to coast to talk with policy experts and lawmakers about the national debt. Let me say that I’m encouraged [...]
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Joe From Texas Take 10/31/23

Friends, Every day, it becomes more clear that the fiscal future of America is in dire straits. Americans continue to be crushed by the effects of terrible fiscal policies. Folks [...]
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The Joe From Texas Take 9/30/23

Friends, This month, our nation continues to face challenges as the government refuses to be responsible with the money it gets from our pockets. The national debt has been growing [...]
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In Support Of Dave Walker’s Op-Ed

Like most Americans, I feel blessed to call the United States home.  I truly believe that the U.S. is the land of opportunity.  This has certainly proven to be true [...]
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The Joe From Texas Take 8/4/23

Friends, As the summer is coming to a close and kids are getting ready to go back to school,I’ve been thinking more and more about the America we are leaving [...]
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The Joe From Texas Take 7/4/23

Fast forward to today, and we continue to cherish the values established by those great men. Freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of prosperity are still at the heart of what [...]
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The Joe From Texas Take 6/20/23

I frequently hear from people who have seen my videos or read something that I have written, and they ask about my background. I am Joe Penland, Sr. and I [...]
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