Joe From Texas Take 11/23/23


I spent the recent weeks traveling the country from coast to coast to talk with policy experts and lawmakers about the national debt. Let me say that I’m encouraged to know that we have some smart people who are looking to tackle the problem, but there is so much more that can be done. I’ve said before there is still time to take decisive action before the train goes off the tracks, and I still believe that. As we are in the holiday season, I’m mindful of the effect that rapid inflation driven by government spending is having on families across the country. I know from personal experience how hard it is to try to stretch a dime into a dollar.

One of the most notable areas where families feel the impact of inflation right now is their grocery bill. Grocery prices have surged nearly 17% in the past two years. With rising labor and food production costs, ingredients have become pricier, putting a strain on family budgets. Families across the country are grappling with the increasing costs of essential ingredients to make their holiday meals special. Common-sense economic policies that seek to control inflation and promote free-market competition can help curb these price hikes and relieve the financial strain on families.

The repercussions of inflation-driven rising costs extend beyond just the Thanksgiving table. Families are facing higher prices across all areas of life, including healthcare, housing, and education. These increased expenses contribute to the mounting financial pressure on American households. We have to prioritize fiscal responsibility and pursue policies that promote economic growth, job creation, and increased wages. By reducing the regulatory burden on businesses and providing tax relief, American families can experience meaningful financial relief.

The impact of rising costs driven by inflation on American families is undeniable. It can feel even more hopeless when it seems the government is doing everything it can to make the situation worse. Conservative fiscal policies that promote economic growth, control inflation, and reduce the financial burdens on businesses and individuals are crucial to providing relief to American families and ensuring their financial well-being. It is my hope that we can turn the tide so families don’t have to choose between meals and medication. We can secure a brighter future for American households through responsible fiscal stewardship and an unwavering commitment to conservative principles.

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