The Joe From Texas Take 9/30/23


This month, our nation continues to face challenges as the government refuses to be responsible with the money it gets from our pockets. The national debt has been growing at an alarming rate, causing concern among all Americans. As elected officials in Washington bicker back and forth, the debt hit $33 trillion and continues to rise. This affects every single American taxpayer, and future generations are likely to bear the brunt of this debt for years to come.

Last month, I went to the Young Republican National Convention and talked about how future generations will face the burden of an ever-growing national debt, which will have far-reaching implications for their financial well-being. The debt we are incurring today could potentially limit the opportunities available to our children and grandchildren, leaving them with less access to quality education, healthcare, and other basic needs. It could also limit the government’s ability to fund important programs, leading to higher taxes and reduced services overall.

I also recently published a piece in the Washington Times explaining how the national debt severely curtails our government’s ability to invest in innovative programs, ideas, and systems that can drive progress and economic growth. The U.S. has been a world leader because of our leadership in research and development.  Unfortunately, with a reduced government capacity to invest in R & D due to the high cost of interest payments on our debt, we run the risk of losing a vital competitive advantage that has helped us to maintain our status as a super power. 

The national debt is a complex problem that requires immediate action to mitigate its impact on future generations. It’s time for decisive action on this issue by policymakers. We can no longer afford to ignore this issue as it’s not just about numbers but also about the economic well-being of generations to come. We must ensure that we reduce the debt as much as possible and invest in initiatives that support growth, progress, and prosperity. By doing so, we can secure a brighter future for generations and lessen the burden on future generations from the consequences of neglect and delay.

This month, I joined the Sunday Report with Joe Pinion to discuss the state of the national debt and my work to raise awareness. 

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